Our Philosophy

The philosophy is simple – keep clients satisfied, informed and enthusiastic at toughaban forex services

In this volatile, high risk/high gain forex market, well informed and equipped clients are clients who are able to make the best decisions. Provided with the most up-to-date charts and news feeds, paired with highly flexible and intuitive software, the client is able to make quick and intelligent trades based on the supplied tools. Equally important is our use of the “Trading Experts” feature – a unique opportunity that pairs up our new clients with seasoned FX traders. We employ ONLY professionals, who have dedicated their careers to FX trading and dealing. Many of whom have been recruited from major trading floors/dealing rooms. We put the client first throughout their trading experience. Whether it is through our daily market updates, sent every morning, or our insightful Daily with trading tips updated on our site daily – we also put the client in the center of the trading software. Upon your first trading experience you will encounter an ease of trade never experienced before. With no unnecessary clicks and menus, all you will ever need to trade is one simple screen which is intuitive and simple to master – and our “Trading Experts” will have you trading in a matter of minutes, with dedicated one on one phone/chat time. Your total experience is so critical to our success, that we limit the number of clients each expert may teach, train and strategize with – to best support your efforts. If as a customer, you require any help with executing your trades our traders and dealing room is at your disposal 24 hours a day – just like the forex market. Our seasoned dealers are always happy to assist you with your day-to-day activities and will happily keep you informed about the FX market or perform your trades for you. As the research engine that drives our analysis – they are always available to give you market commentary and insights, in order to increase your trading success. We understand that software accessibility and human assistance availability are crucial in the forex market. It is exactly why we chose the specific software and highly experienced dealers able to react immediately to changes in market environment. In addition, as we receive feedback from you – our new and professional traders, we are able to constantly update our software to match your PC’s increased abilities.